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Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Clinic of Layfayette

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Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Clinic of Layfayette
245 N College Rd
Lafayette, LA 70506

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Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Clinic of Layfayette


Hours of Operation:

Monday7:30 am - 7:00 pm
Tuesday7:30 am - 7:00 pm
Wednesday7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday7:30 am - 7:00 pm
Friday7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Services Offered:

Payment Plans: Aetna
Payment Plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield
Payment Plans: Cigna
Payment Plans: Medicaid NOT Accepted
Payment Plans: Medicare
Payment Plans: UnitedHealthcare
Manual Therapy
Orthopedic Care
Orthotics & Prosthetic Therapy
Physical Therapists
Sports Medicine
TMJ Dysfunction Program
Workers Comp/Rehabilitation
Specialties: McKenzie Certified Clinic


Founded in 1984 by owner/physical therapist David Hite, O.S.P.T has established a long history of excellence in treating a wide variety of orthopedic conditions. While the core of the practice has developed around a progressive, unique spine treatment program, we also provide state-of-the-art rehabilitation for extremity injuries including shoulders, knees, hips and ankles.

Most people assume physical therapy is only utilized when an accident or other obvious injury occurs. What they may not realize is that O.S.P.T is able to treat many other problems that intrude into our lives. Issues that often begin as minor aches and pains that people expect are "normal" as we age are actually the beginning of an injury from stress and strain that, with the correct intervention, can be alleviated. In fact, many of these problems, such as headaches or pain in the neck and shoulder blades while doing desk work or driving, are due to sustained positions during normal daily activities and a lack of exercise. O.S.P.T's specialized treatment programs, ergonomic training and maintenance programs are effective intervention in these types of problems.

When Should People Utilize Our Services?
If you are suffering back pain from work injury, too much yard work over the weekend, playing sports, an automobile or other type of accident, or simply just too much of the daily grind, then we can help you gain relief.

Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy offers treatment for a wide range of injuries and chronic pain:

Neck- Including headaches, neck pain, pain between the shoulder blades, and pain or other symptoms into the arms.
Back- Low back pain, pain in the hip or buttock areas, "sciatica" or other symptoms into the legs.
Shoulders- Tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, rotator cuff problems, or following shoulder surgery.
Knees and Hips- Arthritis, meniscus or cartilage tears, ligament injuries or following surgery.
Foot Problems- Ankle or foot sprains or fractures, plantar fascitis, or following surgery.
Pain Syndromes- Fibromyalgia, TMJ disorders, and post-operative pain.

One-on-One Individual Evaluations
We devote extended evaluation time with our therapists for each patient to develop an individual treatment program, to educate you about your condition, and to help you achieve your goals.

Free consultations are available to anyone who would like for us to help determine if we can address their problem. Contact us today to learn more.

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